Woven Shadows Demo Update #2

We got some work to do

This has been a HUGE learning process for our entire team here at Vicimus, and we have been attempting to watch all the Let’s Plays people have done so far and read all the comments you all have been giving us.

With that being said a lot of the concerns and issues many of you had with the current state of the demo will be updated in the near future, and we definitely plan on adding a little bit more to the demo without giving too much away yet. Yes it’s very short right now (as it is just a demo) but we plan on giving you a bit more core gameplay in order to show off some more of the main mechanics of the game.

Thank you so much for everyone’s support so far as this is our first big release as a full team, and we plan on making this as exhilarating an experience for all of you as it has been for us.

Just a reminder that we are also 33% of the way to our funding goal on kickstarter that will allow us to spend some time away our normal lives and work on finishing this game in a reasonable time.It’s a lot of work for everyone on the team and we would really appreciate any support you can give us!

We’ll be giving you some more updates soon, spook yah later!


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