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Woven Shadows

The lights are out. The children have gone home. Tonight, it’s just you, your tablet, and a mystery that has come for you once again.

Navigate the webs of the past, and escape from the horrors that lie beneath them. A unique change in perspective where you must not only deal with the first person viewpoint of a normal game environment, but you must check the cameras around the school in order to keep clear of the creature that roams the halls.

Demo to be released tomorrow!


Lead Programmer: Typho
Programmer: Noah
Designers: Soige and Evan
Animator: Alex
Business: Connor

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Spooky, Third Person, Unity


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love the game its awesome :):):):)

It does have so much potential but the scare element in the end ruined it the entire experience. If you could fix that on full release, it will be an awesome game! I hope full release will be released soon without any trouble for the game developers.  PS. sorry for my english if i wrote something wrong.

For a short, indie horror experience I was impressed by this game. While it lacks in some atmosphere and in its scares, the game makes up for with its graphics and decent gameplay.

I want more of this, i really hated where the demo finished haha, please for the love of god makemore of this!!!!!


Hello. I played the game and I'd like to leave a review.

Pros: Atmosphere is okay, the graphics are pretty good, the voice acting was okay, and I like the glitch effects. 

Cons: the game menu music seems out of place because there is a huge shift in the atmosphere so suddenly, the narration is lacking (understandable that you don't want to give too much away story wise). However, the story seemed a bit all over the place with the change of the dehorns to devils, like we were going into hell but not,  I didn't feel like I was in danger, the monster wasn't scary,   there wasn't much tension, and the scares were a bit cliche.

I do think this game has potential to be scary. It does need work, but with the right amount of time and effort, I think it could be great :)

Thank you for your review! It's very good insight into what things we still need to work on for final production!

it is a really scary and fun game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

I gave the game a try and I was actually surprised by how much it actually scared me.

Great job on this I can't wait for the full game. Also conspiracy theory is my son is actually my clone

this was such a cool demo can't wait for the full game! Love the creepy atmosphere! 

i wish it was a complete version !!! it's awesome!

I think the game is very promising. I'm totally scared of spiders so this is true horror to me. Wish the demo was a bit longer. 

It makes my skin crawl so bad! :O

This game definitely has aspects to be a fun and interesting game when it's a finished product. The moment when the power was killed and then a little whisper whisper literally made my heart drop :'] the controls felt a little wonky as I've mentioned in the vid, but that could've been due to my mac. All in all, awesome potential!
Great work!

Timestamp for the game is 11:34, I mashed up this game with another short game. Feel free to watch the whole vid if you like!!

(1 edit)

Very nice game it has a lot of potentials .Great job we 're looking forward to the full release of this game

Really promising game! Loved the idea of running around with the tablet looking through the cameras as apposed to just sitting in one spot watching them. Expect I hate spiders with a passion so it'll be hard for me to play more lol 

I played this game and Cassie Ann, dear LORD does this game have so much potential. I don't even have a fear of spiders but the scenario it puts you in made me panic before I even got out of the office. Maybe I'm just a big baby but I thought it was very well done!


Loved the concept. Had a creepy feeling from the start, keep up the good work and good luck on the kickstarter :)


It's got a lot of promise, looking like a well made mix of FNAF and Emily Wants to Play, with the added arachnophobia thrown in. Looking forward to the full release, thanks for making the demo available. 


There is a bug for me where every click or press of "E", instead of interacting with the object under the crosshair, interacted with something else 3/4 of the screen to the right of that.

I'm running ubuntu 16.04 and installed via the itch.io desktop client.

Thank you for letting us know, we didn't get to fully test on an Ubuntu client yet so we will look into that for future builds! Sorry for your inconvenience!


This demo is great. I like how you made use of both fnaf's camera style and the traditional first person view in this game.


I like the idea but the game is so short, please release the full version. I cant wait to play this amazing project..


Petite vidéo Française sur le jeu :P 

Deleted post

The atmosphere of this game was amazing , with a little work the jumpscare could definitely get up there! 


fun little  game, not bad. alot of work had been put into this and for a demo its promising game. think it still need a little work, jump scare was abit lacking but atmosphere was spot on. i like the little details with the character personality.


The demo sounds pretty promesing! I can see there is already a lot of effort put into this game, that I may not have noticed. But I did like the focus feature while holding an object (although the E key is kind of useless). I suggest working on the Tablet / Computer UI camera / mouse sensitivity mechanics, it's very nausiating.  Also, just wondering if the player could be any shorter in height.


GIGANTIC SPIDER ALERT!! | Woven Shadows | Demo

this has got me intrigued! i cannot wait to play the whole game!! really cool idea of a game! great job on making this! :D

in the words of step "i gave it a go" 


It was short but fun!  Hopefully there's more added to the game soon I really like it so far! :D 


Looking forward to a full game!


Very short, but looks promising. 


It was a little short but the quality is there, I look forward to the full version.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

This GameJam version is really good, can't wait for the full game.

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing it:

Keep up the good work !!!

This was my finale game for this video and I really enjoyed myself, first person horror just gets to me more. Y'all have a solid foundation of a horror game. Would love to see a full school with a full story line and lots more scares! Good job!!

Solid for a gamejam game. Looking forward to seeing what Woven Shadows is like.

Gave it a go...

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